Detroit Lions Radio - Playoffs!

January 5, 2017

Lionsa make the playoffs! For all the dread over the last three losses (and there’s been plenty), the Lions are still headed to Seattle this week as a Wild Card participant. We felt it was only right that we made a podcast about it.

Jeff Risdon (Real GM and Draft Breakdown) helps discuss the season and Keith Myers of 12th Man Rising to preview the Saturday night matchup.


Detroit Lions Radio - Reviewing Giants & Previewing Cowboys

December 22, 2016

Heads are hanging after a tough 17-6 loss to the New York Giants, but the season isn’t over yet. In fact, the Detroit Lions could clinch a playoff spot or the division as early as this weekend. Von Lozon of made his Detroit Lions Radio debut, helping us break down that loss to the Giants. The score was clear, but the tape painted a different picture. This wasn’t nearly as bad of a loss as it seemed.

We then steered the conversation to the Monday night matchup in Dallas. Steven Mullenax of gave us the lowdown on the Cowboys, pointing out weaknesses and mapping out a blueprint for how the Lions should attack.

Will the Lions pull the upset? Can they lock up a playoff spot this weekend? You’ll have to listen to find out.

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Detroit Lions Radio - Beating Bears Y& Previewing Giants

December 15, 2016

Before worrying about the upcoming road trip, the guys use the first half of the show to reflect on another heroic Detroit Lions win. Matthew Stafford didn’t have his best statistical day, but one podcaster still labeled him the MVP. The other doesn’t even think his late rushing touchdown was the takeaway moment from the game. That dishonor falls solely to Jeff Triplette and his crew.

The guys also dove deep into how the Stafford’s middle finger affected his throwing that day. Do the guys think this is a lingering concern? Could it affect the playoff picture?

There were also props to be thrown at the running game. After months of miserable performances, Lions fans were treated to the team’s best rushing output since Week 2. And finally, the defense got its time in the spotlight before turning the page on another winning week.

The guys kicked off part 2 of this week’s show with Patricia Traina of Inside Sports. She’s a beat writer who has been covering the New York Giants for some time and provided a ton of great insight. She broke down what has made the defense so special. She also explained why the offense cannot get on the same page before divulging where Detroit should attack a vulnerable Giants team. Her interview didn’t make either of the guys feel more confident, but pessimism was surprisingly low during this week’s preview. The weather conditions should make for a sloppy game, and Detroit has found a way to survive all year.


Barroom Blitz - Week 14 Action

December 13, 2016

Barroom Blitz is our fast-paced podcast dedicated to keeping you posted on all four NFC North teams. Here's a breakdown on the order of our analysis, the time of the show you can find that particular segment and who is bringing you the information (plus their twitter account):

  • Detroit Lions - 30 seconds in -  Nick Kostora -  @nickkostora
  • Green Bay Packers - 5 minutes and 25 seconds - Robert Trader - @RobertTraderWI
  • Minnesota Vikings - 13 minutes and 5 seconds BJ Reidell - @ReidellNFL
  • Chicago Bears - 19 minutes and 50 seconds - Jose Cotto - @Deuce_Pesos
  • Host - Aldo Gandia @AldoBarkeeper

Detroit Lions Radio - Making Statements

December 8, 2016

The Detroit Lions made a statement in New Orleans. A wire-to-wire win in a hostile environment over a team favored by a touchdown has a way of doing that. Jeff Risdon (Real GM, joined co-hosts Brandon Alisoglu and Nick Kostora (Real GM, to get his take on why Matthew Stafford has transformed this season. He also had some thoughts on how the Lions can create a pass rush without Armonty Bryant and what this team’s ceiling is now. The second half of the show focuses on this week’s matchup with the Chicago Bears. Aldo Gandia ( joined in and provided his insight into the injury-ravaged team.


Barroom Blitz - Week 13 Action

December 5, 2016

The Detroit Lions extend their 1st place lead, but still get no respect. The Minnesota Vikings know ttey have to win out for a chance at the playoffs. Thr Green Bay Packers had fun in the snow, but failed to impress. And, the Bears avoid being the worst team in the NFL. Analysis and player interviews.


Detroit Lions Radio - Marching Into New Orleans

December 1, 2016

The Detroit Lions are essentially two games clear in the NFC North, but the fat lady isn't warming up yet. A familiar villain in the West shook of its death rattle to provide some intrigue over the remaining five games. The state of the Packers and the Thanksgiving day win gives show hosts Nick Kostora and Brandon Alisoglu plenty to discuss o

Then, Josh Katzenstein of The Times-Picayune joined the show to provide information on the New Orleans Saints.


Barroom Blitz - Week 12 Action

November 29, 2016

The Detroit Lions won a huge week 12 game over the Minnesota Vikings. The Green Bay Packers broke their four game losing streak with an impressive road win. And, the Chicago Bears dropped another game at Soldier Field. Those are among the topics discussed in the all-encompassing, fast-paced 30-minute episode of Barroom Blitz.


Detroit Lions Radio - Number One Spot

November 22, 2016

Nick Kostora and Brandon Alisoglu break down the seven-point win over the Jacksonville Jaguars. Why was the offense unable to move the ball until the final quarter? And is the defense in danger of actually becoming good?

We debate it all while handing out our MVPs, most disappointing award and recognizing the WTF moment of this week.

In the second half-hour, Nick and Brandon dive into the latest mailbag. This one wasn’t just fun, it includes an Internet theory about Ameer Abdullah and James Laurinaitis. You won’t want to miss it.

The guys then turn to this week’s massive matchup against the Minnesota Vikings. Detroit rolls in favored by three points, but Vegas doesn’t determine the winner.

That’s why they looked at each team’s biggest advantage and went over the matchup to watch. And, of course, there's predictions.



Barroom Blitz - Week 11 - NFCN Analysis

November 21, 2016

Barroom Blitz covers action from all four NFC North teams. Reports come from analysts intimately familiar with each division team. It's the type of detailed coverage you won't get from the national media and peppered with the passion you don't often hear from local media. Barroom Blitz is noted by Aldo Gandia (@AldoBarkeeper) an Emmy award winning television producer, writer and host.

His contributors are:


Detroit Lions Radio - Number One Spot

November 18, 2016


Nick Kostora and Brandon Alisoglu diving into what has made the Detroit Lions tick. Are they really a division leader on merit alone? More importantly, can they sustain this level of success?

DeAndre Lavy is in the praxtice field and that means a team whose defense has been playing better just migght reach another level soon. 

The pair also looked around at the rest of the NFC North for signs of life. This race is far from over, but the Lions have a real opportunity to bring home their first NFC North title.

The first step toward sustained success starts with a stomping of the Jacksonville Jaguars and the show focuses on the upcoming match.



Barroom Blitz - Week Ten - NFCN Action

November 14, 2016

Despite having a bye week, the Detroit Lions move into first place by virtue of another Minnesota Vikings loss. Nick Kostora of Detroit Lions Radio explains what the Lions must do to maintain their 1st place lead. BJ Reidell from the Minnesota Vikings podcast, About The Labor, sifts through the mess that is the Vikings. Robert Trader of Packers Barroom Podcast tries to figure out the Green Bay Packers implosion. Finally, Jose Cotto wraps things up with a fiery evaluation of the Chicago Bears loss in Tampa Bay and calls for the firing of head coach John Fox and his offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains. 



Detroit Lions Radio - Ballin’ at the Bye Week

November 10, 2016

We have a new feature! Call in at (313) 327-1634 and leave us a voicemail with a thought or a question, and we’ll play it on air!

Detroit Lions Radio doesn’t take a week off because of the bye week. On the contrary, dear listeners, we had way too much to break down after the Lions’ exciting road win over the Minnesota Vikings.

We welcomed Kyle Mallett of NFC North Barroom into the fray this week. While Detroit is now only a half-game off the NFC North lead, there were a few questions to be answered.

Most notably, can the offense truly be trusted? Or is it the defense that deserves the praise after a hard-fought victory?

We also broke down Matthew Stafford’s game. There was the great comeback, but how did he perform prior to those last two drives? Was his performance as bland as it seemed?

And as always, we give out our MVP and Most Disappointing Awards. Brandon takes us on a bit of a detour, while nobody will argue with the other players proffered.

After wrapping up the celebration, we cast an eye back over the first half of the season.

We don’t want to make too much about this, but the Detroit Lions are a half-game off the NFC North lead! That’s an incredible statement for a team that started 1-3 a year after losing its first five games last season. We had no choice but to handicap the the race.

While some were more confident than others, everyone believes this team has a chance. Did we believe Detroit would be 5-4 at the bye? Can this team win without true offensive balance?

And what were the best and worst surprises of the season? We dive into it all this week on the longest-running Detroit Lions podcast!

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Barroom Blitz - Week Nine - NFCN Action

November 8, 2016

A review of the Lions upset at Minnesota... what is ailing the Vikings and Packers and a mid-year analysis of the Bears.


Detroit Lions Radio - Mounting Up For Minnesota

November 3, 2016

The Lions watched their winning streak roll away harmlessly like a poorly executed onside kick. While the team will move on quickly in the face of an NFC North clash, this Detroit Lions podcast finds plenty to unpack.

That’s why we brought on Logan Lamorandier of Detroit Sports Nation. Don’t worry. Nick didn’t let Brandon slaughter his last name.

Brandon did, however, jump into that onside kick with the promptness of a Jim Caldwell challenge flag. There were points made by each side as to the fitness of the defense and the odds of recovering an onside kick. Did the surprise help? Sure, but it ultimately didn’t matter.

It was a bad choice.

There were other issues to discuss too. Theo Riddick came to play, but his quarterback seemed asleep. The defense bent most of the game, but broke right when the team needed it most. Ultimately, Detroit’s risky recipe for victory blew up in its face like a Honolulu Blue souffle.

It’s time to leave that Texans loss in the past. Or in Texas, if you prefer (insert your own George Strait joke here). Detroit is facing its most difficult road test of the season in a stadium built to rain down the noise on a suddenly rudderless offense.

But there is hope. Minnesota is limping in with an injury report that reads longer than a crazy chick’s Facebook rant. No, we don’t care about your ex-boyfriend, but we do want to know if the Vikings can handle Detroit’s defensive line.

Unfortunately, that front will be missing one of its surprisingly important pieces in Armonty Bryant. The defensive end has been suspended for three games, leaving a thin defensive line searching for a difference maker against a returning-to-Earth Sam Bradford.

Could it be Ziggy Ansah? You’ll have to listen to hear what the guys are predicting along with our well-informed guest, B.J. Reidell of the Bismarck Tribuneand NFC North Barroom!

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Restore the roar!


Barroom Blitz - Week Eight - NFCN Action

November 1, 2016

The Chicago Bears upset the Minnesota Vikings, the Green Bay Packers lose a heartbreaker in Atlanta and the Detroit Lions fail to take advantage of a chance to move up in the standings. Barroom Blitz offers up all of the NFCN week eight action. 

Host Aldo Gandia welcomes the following guests to discuss:


Detroit Lions Radio - Taking On Texans

October 28, 2016

The sky was falling for the Detroit Lions just three weeks ago. Now, three straight wins has removed Jim Caldwell from the hot seat and placed him back on solid ground.

This week's show kicks off with news Kyle Van Noy has been shipped off to New England for pennies on the dollar. Did the guys think it was time to cut bait? Did Detroit receive enough compensation for the former second-rounder?

And is DeAndre Levy coming back?

While speculation rules the opener of this Detroit Lions podcast, it quickly gives way to awe. Matthew Stafford has elevated this team from miserable to comfortable mediocre and revived its playoff hopes.

Plus, how was the Lions defense able to fend of the Redskins? We dove into the details of this win, giving you the broad strokes before analyzing what we saw on the film.

The Lions can’t live off last week’s win alone, however. The guys open part 2 of this week’s show by welcoming in Matt Weston of Battle Red Blog to give us the lowdown on the Houston Texans.

And it turns out, the man knows his team.

We were able to dive into what has made his team successful on the ground. He also discussed the issues surrounding quarterback Brock Osweiler, and what the Texans need to do to get him on track.

Of course, there is the issue of Houston’s fifth-ranked pass defense. That strength-on-strength battle is going to determine who leaves Week 8 with an eye on 10 wins and who will be treading water at .500. The three of us finished off the show with our predictions, and only two of the three think Detroit is walking out a winner.

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Barroom Blitz - Week Seven - Vikes Fail in Phiily, Pack Pound Bears & Miracle Matthew Stafford

October 24, 2016

Week seven saw the NFCN race tighten when the Minnesota Vikings lost their first game of the season allowing the winning Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers an opportunity to move a game closer in the standings. Host Aldo Gandia talks about all of the matches with:

- BJ Reidell - co-host of one of the network's podcasts dedicated to the Vikings
- Kyle Mallett - blogger at
- Robert Trader - host of Packers Barroom with Robert Trader
- Jose Cotto - Senior Analyst at 

Detroit Lions Radio - The Lions Go For Three In a Row

October 21, 2016

It wouldn’t be football season in Motown unless the Detroit Lions sucked you back in. And that’s exactly what they’re doing after two consecutive home wins.

But how good is this team? Can it really compete for a Wild Card in the NFC? Has Matthew Stafford become so good that he can elevate this team above its glaring weaknesses? 

To find out, we asked long-time guest Jeff Risdon (SideLion ReportReal GM, & Draft Breakdown) to join us on the longest-running Detroit Lions podcast to dissect this team’s win over the Los Angeles Rams.

The Stafford love come pouring out from all angles. There was even praise for an offensive line that started two rookies against Aaron Donald. But not everything was a walk in the park. The defense is still showing the same holes it has all season, and one player in particular has Jeff and the guys scratching their heads.

Jeff finished off the first segment with some guarded optimism, but it couldn’t match Ken Meringolo’s excitement over the Washington Redskins. The founder of 1st Amendment Sports and managing editor of Hogs Haven is giddy over his team’s four-game winning streak. 

Nick and I had plenty of questions for Ken. The guys weren’t quite sure if this team is a legitimate 4-2, and if Kirk Cousins is a quarterback worthy of a long-term extension. Ken sets us straight before dropping a defensive analogy you’re not going to want to miss.

Everyone finished with their predictions for the NFC clash that could have playoff implications. With the Minnesota Vikings and Dallas Cowboys looking strong, these two teams could find themselves battling each other for that elusive Wild Card. A win here would essentially be a one-game lead for the Lions by virtue of the tie-breaker.


Barroom Blitz: Week 6 Review

October 17, 2016

Week six of the NFL is in the books and the best way to keep track of what happened in the NFC North is with this show, Barroom Blitz. Our weekly podcast reviews each game and shares what you need to know about your favorite team and their NFCN rival.

The show starts with Bears Barroom Senior Analyst Jose Cotto (@Deuce_Pesos ) discussing what went wrong with the Chicago Bears in their loss the the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

Then, the host of Packers Barroom with Robert Trader (@RobertTraderWI ) chimes in to share his thoughts on the slumping Aaron Rodgers and whether Mike McCarthy is on the hot seat.

The Detroit Lions won their second consecutive game and Von Lozon (@von_lozon ), associate editor of, shares his analysis.

The Blitz concludes with the website's Executive Editor, BJ Reidell (@RobertReidell), talking about the Minnesota Vikings and what they must do to maintain their winning ways. 


Detroit Lions Radio: Grounding Eagles and Previewing Rams

October 13, 2016

This Detroit Lions podcast gets back to its roots with a one-on-one episode with…each other! 

The witty banter is back, and so are the Lions’ winning ways. A one-point victory over the formerly undefeated Philadelphia Eagles brings up a ton of questions that Nick and I try and find answers.

For starters, where was this Jim Caldwell the last four weeks? He went for it twice on fourth down, with one occurrence happening on Detroit’s side of the 50! Why now? And will he keep it up?

Plus, what exactly was Teryl Austin thinking? Brandon posits a theory that unfavorably compares the defensive coordinator against the drunkest Americans this podcaster could find.

But a win is a win, and a Jim Bob has to Cooter. We heap praise upon the offensive coordinator and dissect how he was able to incorporate Golden Tate into the plan even with limited production.

The second half of the show brings some tepid optimism as well. That is, so long as you’re solely listening to Brandon. You’ll also get to hear what RamblinFan.comwriter Dan Parzych had to say about the Los Angeles Rams, and what he thinks of the Rams’ odds at Ford Field.

The guys also unearth some inglorious truths about Todd Gurley while dissecting how Detroit’s seemingly vulnerable defensive front can play a huge role in this game.

Will the Lions build a winning streak on familiar turf? Or will Detroit turn back into the pumpkin that lost in Chicago? There’s only one way to find out: Watching the game on Sunday.

But until then, you can listen to Nick’s dulcet tones and Brandon’s far-ranging rants in anticipation of Detroit’s quest for 3-3.

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Barroom Blitz: Week 5 Review

October 10, 2016

All four NFC North games are reviewed.


Detroit Lions Radio: From Dust in the Wind to Looking to Soar

October 7, 2016

The game wasn’t a blowout, but don’t tell that to Detroit Lions fans. The Lions came out flat for the third straight time, allowing a formerly winless Chicago Bears team to grab its first victory of the season.

Thus, this Lions podcast turned to games to fill that hole in our crushed soles. A little fill in the blank is the only way to sooth the pain. One could say we’re picking up the ball that numerous Lions dropped last Sunday.

But to offset that gloom, we reached out to Erik Schlitt of Detroit Jock City. While he doesn’t sugarcoat the loss, he does his best to find a bright spot in an otherwise dim picture.

Detroit already played two of the worst teams in the league. Now, the schedule is getting tougher with the undefeated Philadelphia Eagles visiting Ford Field.

Bryn Swartz of stopped by to give us insight on the Eagles’ season. Just how good is Carson Wentz? Where is his success coming from? And more importantly, what can Detroit do to disrupt the young signal-caller.

Also, why is that Eagles defense so formidable? Could it be former Detroit head coach Jim Schwartz has found his perfect complement in Fletcher Cox and his band of marauders?

We answer all of those questions and give our predictions on the latest installment of Detroit Lions Radio.

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Barroom Blitz: Week 4 Review

October 4, 2016

A fast-paced way to stay on top of the NFC North. Host Aldo Gandia gets updates on all four NFC North teams from bloggers. 


Detroit Lions Radio: Marvin Jones Gets To Eat

September 29, 2016

Teryl Austin may want to avoid the 158th episode of the longest-running Detroit Lions podcast. But you should give it a listen as we had Kent Platte from NFCN Barroom and Pride of Detroit join us.

He was the initial topic of conversation and the last. His performance against the Green Bay Packers didn’t just leave something to be desired; it left a lot to be despised. And debated.

Linebackers were covering wide receivers. Defensive backs were getting juked out of their jocks by stutter steps. It was chaos.

But it’s also over. Thankfully, there’s an encouraging discussion about the offense, particularly the exploits of Marvin Jones. The free-agent acquisition finally got to eat consistently downfield and now leads the league in receiving.

And don’t tell anybody I told you this, but he also has more yards through the first three games of a season than his predecessor ever had. Too early for a “who wore the Honolulu Blue better” debate?

The Lions could lament the loss at home to the Titans all season. Despite a two-game losing streak, Detroit is still in the thick of things. We broke down their chances moving forward and where they fit into the league hierarchy.

Luckily, that discussion leads into not just a must-win game, but a should-win game. Chicago hasn’t been able to stop anyone defensively, and the injuries are mounting on that side of the ball. This is precisely the type of game that Detroit needs to win to keep pace with the rest of the NFC.

The Chicago cupboard isn’t completely bare (I forwent the pun. You’re welcome.), although it’s been depleted some. Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White will roam the outsides, testing the limits of Detroit’s shoddy air defense. Joique Bell will man the backfield.

Yes, that Joique Bell.

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Barroom Blitz: Week 3 Review

September 26, 2016

Week 3 is in the books and we've got reports on all four NFC North teams. 


Detroit Lions Radio - Starting A Streak In Green Bay?

September 22, 2016

Detroit Lions Radio is hosted by Nick Kostora @nickkostora and Brandon Alisoglu @BrandonAlisoglu. Several issues are discussed on this week's show including a look at whether the Lions can start a streak at venerable Lambeau Field. Guests include Jeff Risdon and Brandon Carwile. 


Barroom Blitz: Week 2 Review

September 20, 2016

A fast-paced review of the three NFCN games from week two:  Packers at Vikings, Lions hosting the Titans, and the Bears' Monday Night game with the Eagles. 


Barroom Blitz: Week 1 Edition

September 12, 2016

This is the first podcast of our new series, Barroom Blitz. It's a great way to stay on top of the four NFCN teams. Each week Aldo Gandia conducts quick interviews with analysts from our four Barrooms. They paint a picture on how the respective teams they cover did that week. These NFCN game reviews supplement the coverage each Barroom provides daily.